NM stands for Numerical Method.

When I coded the first line of matrix multiplication algorithm, the classical O(n^3) one, in the attic of my London apartment in an evening back in 2009, it was nothing more than a hobby. I was coding up trading strategy in Java but could not find a good (e.g., professionally maintained, well documented with examples, solidly object-oriented, open data structure, extensive) Java math library to use. A large part of the strategy code was developed in R/MATLAB and the trade/order execution system was in Java. However, making Java talk to R/MATLAB and vice versa was a nightmare, let alone too many other IT nuisances (e.g., multi-thread safety, multi-instance, debugging, R/MATLAB *very* slow, mysterious who-know-why-not-working’s).

NM, having started in my little apartment in London, has grown to a galaxy of companies each serving her own mission. I am very grateful for everyone who is with me in this journey. 愛と勇気と誇りを持って闘うよ。The journey goes on!

If you are still with me after reading this long article, can you figure out how many companies that NM has? 😀

Happy counting!

Make the World Better Using Mathematics

Dr. Haksun Li
2020/02/02, Osaka, Japan